American Red Cross

Companies have the opportunity to snag some additional points by donating blood or attempting to donate blood.  Each employee that donates blood will be awarded 10 points.  Companies can earn a maximum of 100 points.  All donations must be made by April 18th. All captains will record donations and donation deferrals and report the totals to the Hampton Roads Sports Commission on April 19. 

Click here for the tracker sheet.


Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia

The Hampton Roads Sports Commission is teaming up with the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia to help collect food and raise money.  Companies can earn points by hosting food drives to collect food or donate money to our online food fund.  Your company can earn up to 100 points for donating, and receive an additional 100 points for the company that donates the most amount of *meals served*! 


All food donations must be turned into the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia (800 Tidewater Drive, Norfolk, VA 23504) by Friday, April 19th.   They will weigh the food and record the poundage. They will keep track of the companies that donate. Please tell them you are with the Corporate Challenge.  The online food fund will end on Friday, May 3.


To donate to the online food fund, you are able to either create a team. Or if you just donate to our team, be sure to leave your company name in the note section so we know what company receives the credit for donating.  For the online donation link:


Meals served is determined by:

For poundage – divide the pounds by 1.2.  For example, if someone brings 10 pounds of food, you would divide 10 by 1.2, which would give you approximately 8 meals.

Money donations - $1 = 3 meals.